Hangar 51: Facilitating Innovation Across the Group with Sideways 6


Sideways 6 has already been successfully used by several operating companies within the IAG, including Vueling, IAG Cargo, and IAG itself. These companies have used the platform to launch employee ideas campaigns, engage their workforce, and implement innovative ideas that have helped them achieve their goals.


For example, Vueling used Sideways 6 to launch its #MakeItBetter challenge, which generated over 1,700 engagements and achieved 20% of the company’s cost savings target. IAG Cargo used the platform to launch its COLAB campaign, which engaged nearly 30% of its workforce and generated 180 ideas, 40 of which were chosen to be brought to life. IAG used Sideways 6 to launch its MyIdea campaign, which empowered employees to share their suggestions on how to make Group Procurement better.

Sideways 6 offers a user-friendly, newsfeed-style platform that allows employees to explore and build upon each other’s ideas. The platform’s back-end features integrated into our network through employee engagement teams channels, enable companies to guide ideas through stages leading to implementation, and the Sideways 6 team provides support throughout the process.

Utilising Sideways 6 as a group tool, Hangar 51 is well-positioned to facilitate innovation across IAG by using the platform to harness the power of employee ideas. The Tool has already proven successful in engaging employees, generating innovative ideas, and achieving company goals.

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"Every single person at Vueling should see this program. We want people to fall in love with Vueling and the best way to engage people is to let them know that they are part of the future. If they know they are part of the future, they will want to make it brilliant."

Heather Figallo

Chief Transformation Officer, Vueling