Research & Development

Our team proactively looks towards the future, exploring the potential of new and transformative technologies.

We consider technologies being scaled in other industries that are new to aviation, evaluate use cases for emerging technologies, and explore how they could help us develop new products, services and business models in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI for flight operations 

We can use artificial intelligence and its advanced algorithms, data analysis, machine learning, and generative AI technologies to help optimise operations. This will help make scheduling, route planning and maintenance more efficient and cost effective, enhancing safety and customer satisfaction.

Airport Automation

Automation for improved efficiency and experience

We explore the automation of processes such as check-in, baggage handling, security screening and airside operations, to help improve punctuality, efficiency and customer experience.

Digital Identity

Digital ID for seamless journeys

We trial new technologies that provide our customers with seamless and secure access to online digital services, while safeguarding their privacy and giving them more control over their personal data. This delivers a better customer experience and helps customers flow through the airport more easily and efficiently.

Future Compute

Future compute for faster data processing

We see the opportunity for next generation processing such as quantum and edge computing to provide faster and more secure data processing for areas such as flight monitoring and customer experience management, as well as enhancing real time communication.

Industry network

Our network spans the breadth of industry expertise and insight, across both our internal knowledge experts and consulting partners.

Through industry leadership at forums such as IATA, ICAO, OIX and oneworld, we drive our industry forward to leverage new technologies and business models.

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How can we help?

How do you decide which start-up to work with?

We work closely with our airlines and operating companies to understand their requirements, scout for leading solutions and help them screen for the best fit. Our decision will be based on a number of factors such as fit with our business requirements, solution maturity, ability to implement and scale across our group and future commercial terms.

What stage does my company need to be at to be eligible to participate in the accelerator?

The accelerator is designed to support the testing and implementation of new technologies and solutions that have the potential to solve key business challenges; as such, we don’t have hard criteria for what we consider a start-up or scale-up. In the past, we have worked with companies from pre-seed to post Series D, but most are between Seed and Series B.