Is my business right for Hangar 51?

When’s the deadline for applying?

What info do I need to provide in my application?

Is there a minimum age?

I don’t live in Spain, can I apply?



Is Hangar 51 like other accelerators?

Have IAG run accelerator programmes before?

Can I apply to Hangar 51 again if I applied for Hangar 51 last time?

Yes! However, we'd like to see evidence of progress that your product or service has made since you last applied to the programme.

What is the process?

When is the Hangar 51 programme running?

Where is Hangar 51?

Where will the mentors come from?

What does the day-to-day look like at Hangar 51?

How much will IAG invest in my business?

How much equity will IAG take in my start-up?

Do I have to agree investment terms before joining the programme?

When will I receive investment from IAG?

Will IAG invest in every company that joins the programme?

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